Here's a story of a girl,
Living in the lonely world,
A hidden note, A secret crush,
A little boy who talks too much.

Well, I'm standing in the crowd,
And when you smile I check you out,
But you don't even know my name,
You're too busy playing games,

And I want you too know,
If you lose your way,
I won't let you go.

If I cut my hair,
If I change my clothes,
Will you notice me?

If I bite my lip,
If I say hello,
Will you notice me?


Nicole Lim Khai Xin. .
I'm going to 15th soon after this August
I'm an ordinary girl in SMK USJ12.
I Lovessssss my pet FAMILY. .
Hope the readers will like my blog. .
Enjoy your life peops. .
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Sure you can
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November 2011


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Splatter Brushes
Lyrics of the song "Notice Me" by Zetta Bytes

Saturday, November 19, 2011
2:21 PM

Few more hours and Im going to meet Thomas Jack!
Oh well, not a big fan of them but their songs are quite nice :)
Just a short one for today.
Ciao, world!

Will you ever notice me...

Friday, November 18, 2011
12:29 PM

Deleted all the posts. Hopefully will change my blog skin? Only if I remember how to change :/
Its really "early" and I guess is time for me to sleep :)
Wishing everyone a very good er. . . Morning?
Ciao, world!

Will you ever notice me...